Djilba – Six Seasons Bidi

The title of Dellas’s sculpture, ‘Yandi Wildflowers’ is a conceptualisation of collecting wildflowers with her family matriarchs. A yandi full of the promise of the beautiful bounty provided during Djilba.

Season: Djilba

Season of conception

August – September

The Noongar Season ‘Djilba’ is represented by the colour pink as it symbolises growth of wildflowers and plants.

Concept Rationale

“My artwork gives honour to the beautiful women in my life: my Mother, my daughter, aunties, cousins, friends, and all the women in our diverse community.

It also reflects the many happy memories that I have of spending time during Djilba season, searching for wildflowers out bush.

The ‘Yandi Wildflowers’ artwork itself displays the collection of those wildflowers, which are a definition of beauty, abundance, strength, and grace, and is a significance of our continuous rich culture.

You can see the following plants represented in my artwork:

Lilac Hibiscus / Native hibiscus (Alyogyne huegelii)

Native Iris (Patersonia occidentalis)

Blue Orchid (Cyanicula gemmata)

Geraldton wax (Chamelaucium uncinatum)

Spider orchid (Caladenia pectinata)

Donkey orchids (Diuris corymbosa)

Eucalyptus gum leaves

Peppermint gum leaves (Agonis flexuosa) “

Artist Quote

“This project has inspired in me a new passion for ceramics, I intend to explore this medium to continue telling my stories.” – Dellas Bennell


  • 2023


  • Bronze
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