Yandjitup Kep-Werd

Wadandi, Menang, Kaniyang, Ballardong, artist Lea Taylor was commissioned to create the Brookfield Place lobby atrium artwork Yandjitup Kep-Werd (Place of the Bullrush Waterfall). The artwork employs strips of hand-formed stainless steel to mimic the unique blades of Yandjit, while colours of blue, green to represent water, are contrasted against shades of rich red ochre reminiscent of tones found in the area. The natural airflow, air conditioning and vents behind the artworks, along with the type of finish on the steel, would cause a very slight movement of the strappy leaf-like forms, giving the illusion of a breeze gently blowing across water and through the rushes. 



  • 2023-2024
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