Djeran – Six Seasons Bidi

Lea’s sculpture ‘ Connection’ combines the idea of caring for land and community with her skills as a weaver.

Season: Djeran

Season of adulthood

April – May

The Noongar Season ‘Djeran’ is represented by the colour green as it is the time of the year when the cooler weather begins.

Concept Rationale

Cultural burns allow native seeds to germinate so you will see a lot of new growth from seeds which have been laying dormant awaiting the rains and fire. Without this process community would be lacking in many of the necessary plant foods required to sustain them through the coming cooler weather.

Yandjet (Bull Rush) dies off at this time and the tubers become a main food source along with the Zamia seeds which have been treated to release their toxins so they can be eaten safely.

The shapes in this sculpture represent all of these important parts of Bibbulmun culture.

The three vertical structures represent community, Maarman (Man), Yorga (Woman) and Koorlangka (Child), standing strong on Boodja, standing together as a community.

Artist Quote

“Water, fire, regeneration, community and the strength of us and culture standing strong, offering you, the viewer, an opportunity to reflect and learn as you journey along the Bidi. 

‘Connection’, possibly the most important part of Bibbulmun culture. It is who we are. It is what we do. It is our identity”.  – Lea Taylor



  • 2023


  • Aluminium
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