Mel McVee

Mel is a Perth born multi-disciplinary artist working primarily in the realms of community art,murals, sculpture and illustration. With a Fine Arts degree from Curtin University, her interest in street art emerged through an passion in community activation projects in her local area.

Aesthetically her work deals with the idea of lines and connection. Her cartographic background of creating maps for the environmental industry, piqued her fascination in the way the world can be shaped in absolutes. She use solid colours and shapes to creatively define an area, an idea or a relationship. Her work reflects the stylization seen in linocut prints or stain glass windows, while the colour used invokes a sense of nostalgia and connection within the surrounding environment.

Mel’s work is simultaneously whimsical and personal and reflects cultural, environmental and historic elements of the locations in which they are created – a celebration of what is locally beautiful and quintessentially Australian.¬†As a girl who grew up close by to Canning in the Shire of Kalamunda, the surrounding bushland and its importance to our wellbeing and health has always been an important factor in her art practice.

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